End-to-end software & payment solutions

At Proof of Purpose, we build software to help change lives. Where beneficial, we use innovative technologies such as blockchain, all the while ensuring our products are easy-to-use and use-case driven.



Cardamon is an end-to-end digital solution for humanitarian cash transfer. With Cardamon, organisations can create their own payment token, enable purchasing via card or mobile wallet, and manage beneficiary and payment data in real-time via our cloud-based platform.


Healthcare systems

Proof of Purpose is currently supporting the development of blockchain-based healthcare records to enable secure yet accessible data sharing between medical professionals and patients. More details coming soon.


p2p donations

Our platform enables direct giving and remittance for sending funds to people worldwide in need of financial support. We work with local partners for on- and off-boarding to minimize the cost of giving and maximize the money for the beneficiary.